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***Returning client (3, 3+ arts before) discount 10% to every type except adopts

Fandom commissions: Warframe, TES, ME, DA, Undertale, Dishonored, Fallout - 10% discount***

- You can repost and use the finished piece however you want, just don't claim that you drew it and discuss commercial use

- Turnaround time is up to a month from the moment I start the commission, I'll inform you if something urgent happens

- I can post pieces done for you anonymously or however you want

- I will draw characters without ref sheets but I won't do major corrections to their looks in the art itself if something isn't exactly the way you imagined, pls have an understanding that I can't read minds

- I can refuse any commission without explaining

- no refunds after I start work, can refund before starting, but I usually start quite quickly so think carefully, 50% refund if the sketch has been made, and I give sketch to you

doesn't apply to YCH's, so refunds only before starting work

- Payment upfront ONLY via paypal invoice, no echecks! unless I allow otherwise


- anthro

- ferals and fantasy creatures

- humans and such (monsterboys/girls, elves, taurs...)

- stylized ponies [inquire about pricing]

- pokemon

- robots, cyborgs, mechas

- nsfw and mild fetishes, certain yes: bondage, most bdsm, paws, transformation, non-sexual macro/micro, toys, devices, etc etc

- private commissions + 50%


- non-conscious animals engaged in anything sexual (conscious feral/conscious feral is alright, for example, only dragons, griffins and such creatures widely known to be conscious)

- cubs engaged in anything sexual, lolicon

- non-con, rape

- dirty diapers and watersports (clean for an extra fee)

- sexual vore, gore and giants (just a giant or hunting/fighting is alright for example)

- anything related to pregnancy and laying

- complex weapons and vehicles only if you provide me good references

- Abstract background is free

Detailed +10 $

- I will show you the progress, you can make any corrections to the sketch, but later on only to colors and SMALL details (stripes, ears...?). Please state your char's species and gender upon commissioning, so there won't be any misunderstandings.

- Sketch corrections don't apply to YCHs, tell all details beforehand, but I will show further progress anyway of course

- no corrections and WIPs for sketch and traditional commissions, sorry

- I have a right to post the finished piece in any of my galleries unless it's a private commission.

You have to be over 18 to commission or buy YCHs with NSFW content

-Blah blah by commissioning me or ordering YCHs you agree that you've read and understood everything -


no refunds, no resell without new arts, tell me about the new owner

you can add an x-ray option to any commission type for a 5$ extra